Exigo School Administration System

The Exigo School Administration System is a complete school management suite designed to automate and optimize the efficiency of a school’s diverse operations. It is designed to accommodate the needs of schools of all types and sizes, from pre-schools to universities. It is also K+12 ready and can accommodate the dynamic trends and regulations in Philippine education. [ Read More… ]

Testing and Analytics Server

The Nerd Idea Testing and Analytics Server is an innovative review tool, testing platform, and analytics system. It can be used by schools, review centers, and professional development institutions as a learning aid and can provide instanvt feedback for learners, real-time reports for educators, and in-depth results analysis for administrators. [ Read More… ]

Online Learning Platform

Nerd Idea’s Online Learning Platform is a unique deployment of multimedia assets to create an exceptional tool for distance learning and class delivery. Video, Audio, Interactive Applications, and other media assets are deployed in a modular package for quick deployment by any institution. [ Read More… ]


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