Exigo School Administration System

The Nerd Idea Exigo School Administration System is a complete school management suite designed to automate and optimize the efficiency of a school’s diverse operations. It is designed to accommodate the needs of schools of all types and sizes, from pre-schools to universities. It is also K+12 ready and can accommodate the dynamic quality of national and local education regulations in the country.


Exigo automates multiple processes involved in:

  • Enrollment and Resource Management
  • Cashiering
  • Grading
  • Records Maintenance
  • Resource Management


Real-time Reports

The system is able to generate accurate and timely reports as needed; so all your information is available and up to date, no matter which workstation you’re using.
The users have an option to print or merely view and export the report to MS Word, MS Excel or PDF (paperless report generation). After exporting, the user may send the exported report through email so you may download it where and when you want.

Information Management

AMS provides administrators and staff with secure and easy access to data including Student Information, Faculty Information, Class Schedules, Student Grades and Accounting & Billing Information.


AMS features a scheduling capability wherein the user can add, update, delete or view class schedules, room assignments, student schedule and faculty schedule. Upon scheduling, AMS is able to detect conflicts in schedule and room assignments.